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Next gen Xbox discussion

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Next gen Xbox discussion

Post by ErebusV8 on Sat 27 Apr 2013 - 14:10

i thought it was about time it got its own thread,
i don't know if it is actually called the '720' or if that's just what the xbox players have labeled it as (being a second '360') hence the title is not Xbox 720 discussion

anyway i (think) i have some news on this new console. i was going through my emails and saw one from Microsoft labeled '27 days...' i then click on said email and it said:
A New Generation Revealed'
'Watch it live
22 May 3am EST'
'On Xbox.com.au
or Xbox Live'
does anyone else think that this may be the actual reveal of either some decent solid information? or just a hoax set by MS as an 'always leave them wanting more' scenario with information no one wants or cares about, and not relating to the new console?
would like others thoughts
so discuss please

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Re: Next gen Xbox discussion

Post by XCG Toninho on Sat 27 Apr 2013 - 14:38

There was a tile on the Xbox home screen a few days ago saying that you could watch the reveal right there on your Xbox. It's not there any more, but was definitely there.

I think The Gadget Show said that it was going to be the reveal of the new Xbox (which I understand is simply called Xbox, rather than Xbox 720 or any other numbers).

Forza 5 should be shown in the reveal as well, though I can't remember where I heard that exactly.

There was going to be an Xbox mini, which didn't play games, but that's been shelved for now.

There also may be a contract you can enter into for 24 months paying x amount per month in order to get the console cheaper, like a phone contract where you pay a one off fee, plus your two year contract to get the latest phone for £150 instead of buying it outright for £400-500 etc.

I don't know if this will be on top of any Xbox Live! Subscription, or what the contract will be for, but there will be an option to get the console bought outright with no contract too.
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Re: Next gen Xbox discussion

Post by LMR Zakspeed on Sat 27 Apr 2013 - 15:56

I heard it will supposedly have Crossfire Graphics and keep it above 65fps. That would be a whopper for 64 multiplayer Battlefield 4!
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Re: Next gen Xbox discussion

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