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Smooth Precision Racing

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Smooth Precision Racing

Post by EMW Takum1 on Sat 29 Jun 2013 - 12:12

Hello All

I'd like to welcome you to my small team i have started up, SPR (Smooth Precision Racing)

what we are about!

Basically i have formed this team, for the main purpose of racing in series on a range of different sites, we currently have a handful of drivers, some experienced in comps and some nervous drivers lobby drivers,

we are looking to expand our team, and our aim is to be a respectful team in a wide range of sites we are at, example here,FMUK,Forza Universe, now i know you guys have not heard of us, as we are new, but hey dont be scared of us we are very friendly and respctful, ive been in a few teams, and have raced on multiple sites, im no where near a TpR Box Pace im more a lobby 2,3 racer, but thats at best due to the fact im very aggressive and not consistant, not aggressive as in taking you out, aggressive as looking to go faster and faster per lap instead of just being smooth, well i have been working on that and im slowly getting there,

we Are Recruting, we dont care if your the fastest person on the site or the slowest person, all that matters is you have fun, and are very respectful, not causing trouble or causing any grief for the site or the site owners,

if you are interested then feel free to drop me a message and we can talk about it and see if we are what you are after

Peace out all

EMW Takum1

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