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Another MS Wheel settings Question

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Another MS Wheel settings Question

Post by Zeta0085 on Mon 8 Jul 2013 - 9:57

Hi folks,

as of two days ago I went out and purchased a HORI MS Wheel EX2 for the 360 due to being on a budget.
Since then I have tinkered with the wheel settings to keep my cars from swerving/sliding when on a straight. I haven't had much luck and it's kind of frustrating really. ended up resetting my setup for the time being.

I was wondering if someone out there would know a good setup..

Current driving aids in use:
TCS, Manual, Normal steering, and brake line.

I have tried simulation steering and that doesn't make it any better. Neutral 

I'm in your series, snapping some pictures.

F.A.Q Time!
Q: Can I use your photos for articles, avatars, signatures or wallpapers?
A: All photos I post are welcome to be used by the community as they so wish. Give credit to your sources and spread the word.  Cool

Q: Why isn't my series included in your photo sets?
A: The reason behind that could be a couple of factors. Either 1) Said series has no replays for me to find on the storefront or 2) I'm busy. No worries, I will get to your series asap.

Q: Where can I find the link to your Flickr gallery?
A: Many ways actually. I normally Hyperlink the galleries when I post in said series, or one can click on the Flickr Icon when I post around the forum. I should also point out some of those photos are posted on the TORA site Gallery  Wink

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