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Post by Biggsy tv on Wed 21 Aug 2013 - 13:16

For those who might be interested, DayZ (standalone) is in its final stages of development before being released as an Alpha game. Full product not expected until next year, but hopefully available for testing within the next month or so!!

For those who don't know DayZ, its an MMO sandbox Zombie survival game, where you explore a map that's 240km2, searching for loot, surviving from the onslaught of zombies and hostile players. Elements included within this game include an extreme crafting system, character and gun customisation, in depth player damage model and a full catalogue of infections and diseases to try and avoid. Things such as shoes wearing out causing you to run slower and then limping so you need find new shoes, cholera and dysentery are listed in the disease model, as well as a calorie model for food and drink, meaning fatigue and the like.

Team up with your friends to survive the zombie apocalypse. In my mind, nothing comes closer to living in the world of The Walking Dead!

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