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New to Forza and TORA

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New to Forza and TORA

Post by OTGwhiskey on Thu 2 Jan 2014 - 8:20

XBL Gamertag: OTGwhiskey

Age: 26

Country: USA (CST; UTC -06:00)

Experience: The last major racing title I played was NFS Pro-Street, and FM5 is the first Forza title I have had the pleasure playing since I had been stuck with a PS3 for 2 years since my last 360 gave out on me! I have minimal real life racing experience. However, my wife's side of the family has been heavily involved with and well known in the Wisconsin semi-pro racing leagues. They are also fairly well acquainted with NASCAR driver and owner Kyle Busch. Since I have a son who is now 18 months old, and certain to begin racing any year now, I felt like FM5 and the TORA community was a great place to begin learning about racing leagues and some of the more technical aspects of different leagues. Not to mention, since picking up FM5 I have not been able to put it down, and cannot wait for this spring to begin working with and learning from my father-in-law about this great sport I have fallen for!

Interests/Hobbies: Professionally I am a controls system and software engineer, which being a passion of mine, translates to many of my hobbies such as robotics and computer/automation logic programming. At this point I cannot wait for the opportunity to hack an ECM and see what I can get into! I am also an avid lacrosse player and have coached lacrosse for local area boy's high school teams. I also enjoy hunting, fishing, and mechanical systems that have to potential to produce huge amounts of torque and power (milling machines, lathes, and of course large displacement, super/turbo charged engines of all kinds!!). affraid 

Expectations: I do not have many except to learn from this well experienced community and to try my hand at some competition.

I came across TORA while digging through the FM.net forums and reading about many people complaining about how FM5 has ruined the TORA community. I was very skeptical about the claims people were making (despite my lack of knowledge of TORA's plans) due to the potential power I see in the XB1's social community to enhance groups/clubs like TORA. I have much learning to do in the game so I am certainly being patient as more progress is made in developing a racing community on FM5.

Feel free to PM me or add me on as a friend on XBL (OTGwhiskey). I'd love to meet more people who take the racing simulation genre a bit more seriously as that is how I find the game enjoyable to play. Hooray for certified laps!!


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Re: New to Forza and TORA

Post by ErebusV8 on Thu 2 Jan 2014 - 8:32

hey Welcome to TORA, enjoy your stay

Twitter: @Wingyy31 @ErebusV8 @ErebusGT @MaranelloMSport
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Re: New to Forza and TORA

Post by Shrimp Tabasco on Thu 2 Jan 2014 - 9:44


Shrimp Tabasco

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Re: New to Forza and TORA

Post by F4H Lotterer on Thu 2 Jan 2014 - 10:59

Welcome Smile
F4H Lotterer

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Re: New to Forza and TORA

Post by MysticV 247 on Thu 2 Jan 2014 - 15:27

Hey there!

This community can't be ruined, but Turn 10's reputation can!
MysticV 247

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Re: New to Forza and TORA

Post by Duke of Bruno on Thu 2 Jan 2014 - 15:48

Welcome to TORA!
Duke of Bruno

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Re: New to Forza and TORA

Post by skyshadow5 on Thu 2 Jan 2014 - 19:37

Welcome to TORA.


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Re: New to Forza and TORA

Post by Sponsored content

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