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XBOX One News

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XBOX One News

Post by CQR Aero on Tue 18 Mar 2014 - 11:03

Hi guys

Just a quick heads up about the April Firmware update that will become available to beta testers in the next couple of days.

We noticed with the previous dashboard beta/preview that people who opted "in" could not connect to those who were not taking part in the beta/preview.  You may want to bear that in mind before accepting this and future preview updates.




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Re: XBOX One News

Post by CQR Myles on Fri 21 Mar 2014 - 14:08

DX 12 Will Improve Xbox One Games' Performance, Reduces CPU Utilization By 50%

In the on going Microsoft’s presentation for DX 12, it was announced that DX 12 will improve performance of game’s on the Xbox One. DX 12 features a lower level of abstraction and new rendering features. In addition, it also addresses state and rendering overhead along with resource management improvements.

In DX 11 most of the work was done by a single core, but in DX 12 overall CPU utilization is down 50% and the workload is more spread out across all cores. Furthermore DX 12 may allow applications to control graphics memory in an efficient manner. Rendering overhead includes new command lists for multi-thread scale-ability along with GPU indexing with large array of resources.

DX 12 features an API of a lower level with less API and driver tracking universally. This is to improve predictability. Further more on the GPU end, DX 12 will enable better collision and culling.

An interesting bit of information has popped out of the conference. DX12 can enhance any modern graphics chip. When compared to previous iterations, this a big change in the way DX talks to the GPU. In short this will improve performance across the board for Xbox One games. DX12 will be in full use Summer 2015
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