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Hello, TORA members

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Hello, TORA members

Post by STEV0 9 on Tue 8 Apr 2014 - 20:49

Hey, everyone! My name is Stephen and I'm new to TORA. I have played Forza since the beginning, but am just now getting into Forza's online multiplayer (as in, a little in Forza 4 and now on Forza 5). I am a good, clean, competitive racer. I'd rate myself a 7 out of 10 in skill. I like to tune all my cars myself and paint 95% of my own liveries (except for some difficult logos and my GT2 BMW, bc I love the art car livery and couldn't do it myself). A little more about myself:

Gamertag - STEV0 9
Age - 26
Country - USA - Illinois (CDT)
Experience - *Real* I have done a few race driving schools, including one at Mid Ohio which was my favorite. I have participated in many track days at a good number of tracks around the Midwest area, driving either a 1998 S1 Lotus Elise 190R or a 2005 S2 Lotus Elise 111R. *Virtual* As I said above, I have been playing Forza since the beginning and have played pretty much every other counsel racing game.
Interests - I love everything to do with cars and racing and I am an avid soccer player
Expectations - I am looking to compete in any and all racing series, but preferably a series that includes either my Caterham R500 or 2009 BMW #92 Rahal Letterman Racing M3 GT2
How did you hear about TORA? - I heard about TORA through forzamotorsports.net where I frequent their site/forums

I really hope someone reads this and knows about a series I can race in with my preferred cars. I'd love to participate in a competitive league. Add me on Xbox One if you'd like to race. I'm always open to new competition!

Hopefully race with you guys soon, otherwise, good luck on the track
- STEV0 9 (Stephen)

*I'll post my speed test when I can. Since I'm new, I can't post links yet*


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Re: Hello, TORA members

Post by HCR Bellmond on Tue 8 Apr 2014 - 21:56

Welcome to TORA!!
HCR Bellmond

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Re: Hello, TORA members

Post by ErebusV8 on Tue 8 Apr 2014 - 23:27

Welcome to TORA Steven,
got any questions, don't be afraid to ask and we'll try and answer them for you Very Happy

also, regarding the BMW GT2, the US GT series is starting up soon and will probably have that car in it if you wanted to run that. nothing is official, but is all in the works

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Re: Hello, TORA members

Post by Flyin Mikey J on Wed 9 Apr 2014 - 5:15

Welcome Stevo!  Hello 

The forementioned USGT is a FM4 series, and there is some balancing to do for FM5 before a GT2 series is run on that platform... but th egood news is that its being worked on and something should be announced before too long.

As for the Caterham... that could make an interesting Spec Cup.  Idea 


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Re: Hello, TORA members

Post by henkymetcola on Wed 9 Apr 2014 - 11:27

Welcome to TORA! Smile

With greetings from henkymetcola
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Re: Hello, TORA members

Post by Duke of Bruno on Wed 9 Apr 2014 - 17:07

Welcome to TORA!
Duke of Bruno

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Re: Hello, TORA members

Post by Sponsored content

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