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A bit of help.........

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A bit of help.........

Post by RW26 BLAZE on Fri 18 Jul 2014 - 21:23

this is not for me, its for a great friend of mine and I need ur help

can u watch and read this video and link plz http://www.gofundme.com/brhghs

she really needs the help we can give her shes a great friend and amazing artist

from her "people said I should try, ... So here goes, if anyone goes on Reddit with: 'She has an ipod, ipad' that isn't true, I have none of these things, I only have ferrets and Akemi is used for breeding so I wont be in moneytrouble, which is horrible!

So if anyone doubts, please don't, I'm already on the edge of getting crazy here ... Please spread, please ..."

be advertising my friends work on here
https://www.patreon.com/etherealworlds where dreams are made off


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Re: A bit of help.........

Post by DonatedSatyr227 on Fri 18 Jul 2014 - 23:58

poor women.... I hope she get well soon.

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