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World Of Tanks...

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World Of Tanks...

Post by PsycoPhoenix on Fri 22 Aug 2014 - 1:22

Hello is anyone playing this game? My friends and I are looking for skilled tankers to join us to build a squad. It's hard finding people online as 90+% of WOT players dont use a mic, It's very annoying. We mostly play for fun and are both working on getting perks for our tanks, over getting higher tier tanks. If we see problems we imediately try to fix holes & problems the best we can.

My friend XBL DarkBrokenHelix and myself are willing to teach anyone, who has the patience and time, who wants to learn. We're Skilled at reading the battle and are both Experts on our own classes. DarkBrokenHelix is a Artillery & I myself use Anti Tank. Communication, Mic, Want to learn, Proper use of the UI system in game, and a solid knowledge of your type of tank are all requirements.

If you have anyquestions please contact myself XBL PyscoPhoenix

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