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LeMans Revival. Who's interested?

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LeMans Revival. Who's interested?

Post by MrShannon2U on Tue 20 Jan 2015 - 18:06

Trying to gauge interest in a classics race, and possibly have it evolve into a series. Just figured I'd start a thread to kick around some ideas. I'm thinking multiclass with one class being in the A550 range and the slower class be in the B450 range. Here's the cars I have in mind.

Le Mans class -
Aston Martin DBR1
Jaguar D-Type
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
Maserati 300-S
Mercedes 300 SLR

GT class -
Aston Martin DB5
Chevrolet Corvette (1960)
Ferrari 250 California
Jaguar E-Type S1
Shelby Daytona Coupe

I figured either race or sport tires for lemans cars with no roll cages allowed. Roll cages and sports for GTs. I'll have to take them around the track to see how mods affect the competitive balance. But I feel like this could be a riot! What cha think guys?


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