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AC Cobra A850 tune Barton Tuning

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AC Cobra A850 tune Barton Tuning

Post by Barton Fink on Wed 1 Apr 2009 - 17:42

Hello there people,

Thanks for taking the time to read the post. Those of you who have raced with me before will know that i don't race with cars that many people use in lobbies. I like tuning the cars peoplre think are "turds". Well I try and polish the turds, some of which are just turds, while others are really quick and really enjoyable to drive, and are shockers to people when you roast them!! I've recently completed the tune of an AC Cobra A850. (which took an eternity to build and tune) The thing is a beast with speeds of 170+ in straights with a time round sebring long of 2.04**, silverstone grandprix 1.52**, suzuka long 2.04**, motegi long 1.55*6. Times with Traction, STM, ABS all off, the car can be run with tcs off and still be very controlable!!! I know they're never going to be P.Bs but you do win races, and cause a few shocks round circuits!

If you would like one of them then P.M me on x-box live "onlybartonfink" and request one of them they cost 500,000 with simple paint but very nice looking colour co-ordinations.

*times recorded on x-box live look up ac cobra a850 and see for yourself. And am a champion 29 so some of will not be able to get times if considerable lower rank. times recorded with Traction, STM, ABS all switched off.

Barton Fink

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