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TORA Grand Prix?

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TORA Grand Prix?

Post by Da MadcaT on Wed 4 Mar 2015 - 20:09

I was just wondering if TORA run or will run, at some point, a full TORA Grand Prix?

By which, I mean a full length race (ie. Silverstone 50 Laps, Suzuka 40 etc.), complete with fuel/tyre stops etc.

Class A, S & R series

Open to All cars but with set restriction levels for each Class

Each Team has to nominate their Manufacturer, Drivers and Car(s) at the beginning of series. Teams Must Stick to 1 manufacturer for all Grand Prix competitions per each year.

You know the kind of thing lol

I sure would like to enter in to a competition like that one day Smile

Da MadcaT

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