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Race ideas

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Race ideas

Post by Sub Zero Nova 2 on Fri 3 Apr 2015 - 11:54

****NOTE******* most of these leauges are from my old forum and myself and my team hold the credit to them ****
Hey guys so i thought for when events finish ive got some ideas that where good in the past in which would work now and provide close racing and mabye independance

so my first idea is the Classic Car Cup, first introduced by Sub Zero Steeve it featured any car PRE 1980 (1980-1930) with weight and power restrictions and cars built into b class it made racing close and not much in the drivers skills but the cars chosen. cars that got banned Was the Jaguar E type, All Le man race cars, Corvette C1 and the Lotus 2 11.
The second Idea (MADE BY MEEEEE) was the NASCAR Cup in which consisted with the nascars going round tracks with corners (shock horror!!) cars had a 35% power handicap and gripped well causing great racing i ran it a while ago (2012) but sadly..it sorta flopped because people did not like silverstone in them....yep

and the third idea which was made by Sub Zero Joker was the VTEC Championships, consisting of a A B and c class cars would be made to them specs using many of the cars, it was close as builds where spec ones and no store tunes could be used.

let me know what you guys think and mabye i could help you out by diggin the rule book out from my hard drive Twisted Evil


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