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Supercar Challenge

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Supercar Challenge

Post by Guest on Sat 25 Apr 2015 - 10:52

hello all I was thinking
I look at a car racing in the Netherlands called Supercar Challenge
The Dutch Supercar Challenge is a racing series in the Netherlands. The class was founded in 1997 by Rob Knook and Bert Moritz. The organization was taken over in 2001 by [Censored] van Elk, with the help of numerous volunteers. Actually, the class is not to be classified in a particular discipline because with GT sports and touring cars can be driven.

History [edit]
In 1996, the NAV came to Bert Moritz asking if he could start a race class racers were uitgehomologeerd, but are too young for historic racing series. With support from the Dutch Autosport Association they started racing in 1997. First under the name newtimers and then (with obstruction of CPZ) Supercars. She raced in two classes. This race class quickly became a success if they received the necessary opposition from Circuit Park Zandvoort, who took the class as a threat to their income .. In 2003, the organization of the DSC NAV departed They were independent and everything was purely funded by registration fees and sponsors.
There was now no longer just raced in the Netherlands and Belgium but also in Germany at the Hockenheimring. Marcos Mantis Cup was abolished the same year, the Marcos mantissas were housed in the GT class. Here they did plenty for the championship. In 2004, the class went to join the BERU Top 10 events. This means that a large number of German circuits available as Lausitzring. In 2005 there was another circuit at Silverstone. A deal was signed with Motors TV that the races were broadcast throughout Europe. There were also spectacular new participants such as the team of US Carworld which participated with two Dodge Vipers in the battle. There was also an Opel Astra DTM at Extreme. In 2005, the broadcast on Motors TV were so successful that were put in 2006, SBS 6 was also broadcast the races. In 2007, the two Supersport class returned. There came another interesting participant, an Audi A4 DTM. Meanwhile the grid further extended with some very nice GT cars like the Mosler Berry van Elk, the Ferrari of Peter versluis and very nice Porsche Rene Fast. Also in the first Supersport class added an additional class, the BRL has entered in this division but stays away for their own championship. BRL Lights are inserted second division at the Supersport.

Besides driving as a guest on a large class A events is the Dutch Supercar Challenge also started organizing entire events. The Zolder Superleague in 2009 for the first time in the hands of the come to lie DSC. In addition to this event, the DSC also organizes several years the final races at Assen.

Classes [edit]
GT - Between 2.7 and 3.6 kg / hp. A minimum weight of 1180kg.
Supersport I - Cars with a power / weight ratio of between 3.7 and 4.7. Minimum weight is 1080kg. Up to 5000cc, 8 cylinders.
Supersport II - Cars with a power / weight ratio of between 4.7 and 5.2. Up to 5000cc, 8 cylinders.
Sports - Cars with more than 5.2kg / hp. Up to 3000cc, 6 cylinders.
Superlight - For cars less than 1000 kg. For example Radical or Praga

https://youtu.be/j8scjVBIMB4 this is the first race of this season at Zandvoort Holland

let my know what you all think


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