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WEC Photo Competition winning trip

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WEC Photo Competition winning trip

Post by GLR mar B ond on Tue 10 Nov 2015 - 15:20

Hi guys. A bit preoccupied with real life things lately. Not been doing a lot off racing, but sure miss it. Surely be back on FM6 for some nice competition.

For now i wanted to share this great experience:

This year the WEC series issued another photo competition. We've been going to these races, primairly Spa and last year LeMans, since 2012. I'm allways on the look out for a nice photo oppertunity (as on Forza).
I entered a shot from Spa '15, and last week got called and mailed by the WEC media representitive.
Since then it's been an amazing rollercoaster ride. So awesome. Here is what it's about.


Thrilled about it to say the least. I'll keep ya'll updated

GLR mar B ond

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