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Wheel advice

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Wheel advice

Post by Morne in glory on Sun 12 Jun 2016 - 13:34

I know it's probably been covered but....I'm looking to make the step from controller to wheel and I'm looking for advice.I'd like to start off with something not too expensive at first but it would need force feedback is there such a thing ?

Morne in glory

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Re: Wheel advice

Post by ErebusV8 on Sun 12 Jun 2016 - 13:55

you realistically have 2 options

Logitech's G920 or Thurstmaster's TX

Now, I haven't use the G920, however Steven has so I'll let him post his thoughts on it here, but what I've heard is that the FFB isn't very strong and the paddle shifters are really plastic and average,

Bonus - the basic pedals have a clutch alreay

Price: around $400(AUD) $210 (BGP, I don't have the icon on my keyboard)

I own the Thurstmaster and I love it. The FFB is amazing, it's really strong without being overpowering, just the way I like FFB. It replicates the 458 wheel and uses all of the 458 buttons for actual xbox buttons which is cool. The paddle shifters on the TX are amazing, nice thick metal, have a very pleasing click with each shift, made to last. Issue is, the TX only comes with a accel/brake pedal set, which is ok if you're on PCARS or using top S class up on Forza, but if you want a clutch pedal, the t3pa pedals (nicely crafted metal too) are an extra $150AUD. And you can change the 458 wheel to the F458 GT wheel or the Ferrari F1 wheel (which are another $150 ea)

The Thrustmaster is a little more expensive, but I prefer it, the FFB, paddles and look is worth it.
Price: ($470AUD) ($245GBP) plus $150AUD for the t3pa pedals if you want a clutch (which I advise)

Now, for the elephant in the room.
Wheels don't work on Forza. By this, I mean it's faster to use a controller than a wheel. Unless you spend hour after hour after hour practising then it'll be months before you're close to your previous best.

I've had a wheel a couple of weeks and I'm 3sec a lap slower than the controller.
On PCARS, it's infinitely better, just feels proper and smoother and just more fun.

That last part is the big bonus. Climbing Bathurst and then snaking down the esses onto Conrod is so much more fun, smooth and enjoyable with a wheel than a controller, regardless of the game.

Also check these out too: (clickable links)
Thrustmaster TX

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Re: Wheel advice

Post by Morne in glory on Mon 13 Jun 2016 - 16:53

Thank you for that mate sounds like I'll go for the thrustmaster as I'll only be using it on p cars anyways mate.

Morne in glory

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Re: Wheel advice

Post by Richy59 on Mon 13 Jun 2016 - 22:35

I've got a Thurstmaster TX, upgraded with a Ferrari GTE rim (although the standard rim has more buttons that are useful) and T3PA-Pro pedals inverted and mounted on my rig, with the TH8A shifter.

I've only recently started playing pCars again on XB1 after it was unplayable when first released, and I'm happy to confirm it works perfectly and I've had a serious amount of fun now that the FFB is all sorted.

I also have an F1 rim I used for playing F1 2015, and plan on continuing to use that rim when I start iRacing if I do some single seater stuff. My only complaint is the mechanism for switching them isn't very sturdy, and I caught the lip of the thread with a slight cross thread on the F1 rim by accident once. It's now a bit of a pain to get back on when I want to use it. A quick connector would be nice.

Not sure the T3PA-Pro pedals are necessary, but the basic ones are pretty shoddy so I'd consider upgrading to at least the T3PA pedals to get an improved quality. I wouldn't really go chasing a clutch pedal mind, I've never used mine as I use a sequential shifter or the shifters on the wheel as it is quicker and easier when racing. I'm partial to mapping the handbrake to the clutch pedal, is very useful for Dirt Rally - which the wheel works great on as well.

I haven't tried the Logitech version, and I'd like to have a go as I used my G27 to death, and still rate that as the best wheel I had overall, even better than the Fanatec Elite I used on the 360.


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Re: Wheel advice

Post by desertrainfrog on Tue 14 Jun 2016 - 10:43

I've got the G920 and I'm completely happy with it Smile
I had the G25 before so I can't give you much info about the "First wheel"-experience with it. But I can tell you that it is as good as its predecessors with more silent force feedback engines/motors.
Also just like the G27 and G25 you'll get a 3-spoke steering wheel, with aluminum paddle shifters and pedals.

The FFB in FORZA is not the strongest, I have to admit. But that's not the wheel's fault since in PCARS and almost any other game on XBOX and PC the FFB works perfect and there's still the option to make the FFB even stronger through the in-game menus (or the PC application when playing on PC).
Another plus side that Erebus hasn't mentioned is that the brake pedal "is not linear".
Meaning when at 40-50% of braking, the pedal will become harder to push down the closer you come to the 100%.
So when you play around with the deadzones and sensitivity a bit, you should be able to get a setting that gives you the feeling of pressing a real brake pedal (of a car that doesn't have ABS ^^), allowing you to feel that turning point where the wheels are about to lock up if you push it any harder, which is in my opinion pretty cool.

Also the prize that Erebus mentioned includes the Driving Force Shifter (6 speed shifter with reverse gear), which is actually sold separately. On Amazon you can currently get the bundle (G920 + shifter) for 325€ or 225 pounds.

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Re: Wheel advice

Post by Myopiceagl3 on Wed 29 Jun 2016 - 14:41

I just recently bought the Thrustmaster TMX (my first wheel). For $200.00 it is fantastic! Good force feedback. Pedals are the weak point though. However, they are upgradable along with the shifter too. Good entry level wheel, I've been very happy with it. Forza Motorsport 6 feels weaker in regards to feedback in comparison to Project Cars. This wheel really feels alive in Project Cars.


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Re: Wheel advice

Post by MID LAND ZETA on Thu 30 Jun 2016 - 1:47

wheel settings for all cars

Fast In Any Car
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Re: Wheel advice

Post by Morne in glory on Wed 27 Jul 2016 - 18:58

Cheers fellas Very Happy

Morne in glory

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Re: Wheel advice

Post by Sponsored content Today at 1:16

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