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Wazzup racers

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Wazzup racers

Post by MusclecarPhreak on Fri 22 Jul 2016 - 5:19

Gamertag - MusclecarPhreak
Age - 31, and older by the day
Country - USA
Experience - Have raced a few organized series when VM was around. Have also raced go carts, limited, dort and indoor
Interests - Bowling, gaming, but #1 is activities with kids
Expectations - Getting back into organized racing again, hopper lobbies r sketchy at best
How did you hear about TORA? - Have heard about TORA awhile ago wile i was racing VM then took a break from racing and Xsess said somethin bout a stock hatch series comin up and figured i would get back into the competition side of racing again

Thats the basics, of u want to know anything else just ask or if u wanna do any racing im on evenings around 8pm EST til around midnight or so


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Re: Wazzup racers

Post by HCR Bellmond on Fri 22 Jul 2016 - 10:17

Welcome to TORA!
HCR Bellmond

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Re: Wazzup racers

Post by xebot360 on Fri 22 Jul 2016 - 10:29

Welcome to TORA Smile


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Re: Wazzup racers

Post by EZT Neo 45 on Sat 23 Jul 2016 - 18:21

Glad to see you here! Welcome! Hello

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Re: Wazzup racers

Post by henkymetcola on Sun 24 Jul 2016 - 10:54

Welcome to TORA! And also if you have any questions just give a sign!

With greetings from henkymetcola
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Re: Wazzup racers

Post by EZT MAKO 6669 on Thu 28 Jul 2016 - 14:58

Welcome!! Cool

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Re: Wazzup racers

Post by Sponsored content

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