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2016 VEC Calendar and Rules .

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2016 VEC Calendar and Rules .

Post by F4H Lotterer on Sat 30 Jul 2016 - 7:32


March 26th Sebring 12 Hours 
April 30th Silverstone GP 6 Hours
May 14th SPA Francorchamps 6Hours
June 25th Le Mans 24 Hours DOUBLE POINTS
July 23rd Nurburgring GP 6 Hours
August 20th Watkins Glen Full 6 Hours
September 24th COTA GP 6 Hours
October 15th Indianapolis GP 6 Hours
November 12th Road Atlanta 10 Hours


1st place team ,Strakka simulator experience.
2nd place team , Forza credits and DLC Codes.
3rd place team , Forza credits and DLC Codes.

The main prize for this championship is limited to UK participants as you will be required to travel too the Strakka HQ at Silverstone ,should a non UK driver be included you will receive Strakka merchandise instead.


The 2016 Virtual Endurance Championship will hold multiple titles for drivers and teams they are as follows.
1, LMP1 Team Champions
2, LMP2 Team Champions
3, GTE Team Champions
4, VEC Drivers Champions

Registration to the VEC has a strict criteria that must be adhered too , ALL teams must contain a minimum of two and a maximum of four drivers ALL drivers must have a active 2016 TURN race number failure to comply with these rules will result in a declined entry.

Classes and Cars

Please take note that cars are balanced over a season not per race so your selection is for the full season.
Changing your team class is not permitted once you have completed a race .
changing your car selection : after you have complete a race in your chosen car you are locked into this for a full season ,should you wish to change your car selection you may do so at the cost of 50% of your points total.
Should your car be subject to BoP throughout the season we will offer you the option to change cars at the cost of 20% of your points total.
**we will try to avoid changing any car builds as best as possible**


Only drivers that race score driver points so to be eligible to score for each round you must drive one full stint , as added incentive to encourage drivers to complete every round we will be incorporating a bonus scoring feature .
1, BONUS: 3 points for pole in each class , these are team points not driver.
2, BONUS: 2 points for every round you complete , these are driver points not team .(you must stay with the same team to score these.)
We also understand that not everyone can commit for a full season so the VEC will incorporate a dropped round , the dropped round will only be used in the driver standings and not team standings so all drivers here may miss one round or we will remove your lowest score at the end of the season but do take note that bonus points will not be removed.

40*Per Class

Starting Grid

On the week prior each round TURN officials will hold multiple qualifying sessions these are not mandatory for all team members but at least two drivers must complete one clean lap each, this will form a combined lap time for the team entry.
failure to do so will result in the entry entering pit lane during the start of the race or no entry pending grid sizes.
All qualifying sessions will run full simulation damage with collisions turned off for a total time of sixty minutes after this time your qualifying session is over , you are only permitted to partake in one qualifying session .


All lobbys/sessions will be assigned a lobby host ,said host will send invites prior to your session starting but please take note that often network issues arise so it is your responsibility to locate your host or drivers in said lobby to ensure you get in so please always keep up with live timing.
side note add all drivers that will be racing in the same sessions as you.


All sessions will be based on lap times set during the qualifying sessions combined ,the first lap of the race will be used as a parade lap to set the grid your host will read out the grid order but it is also your responsibility to know what position you are starting in so check live timing often.
The LMP1 pole sitter will begin the lap at a speed of 60mph while the grid behind is forming , once formed all cars will line up two by two and continue around the circuit at the desired speed of the pole sitter but a max of 80mph.
Starting the race all cars will stay two by two approaching the starting line upon crossing the line this is the signal to go under no circumstances can you go before or pass anyone before this line.
You now have 1hr 40mins too cover as much distance as possible ,prior to each event a number of mandatory pit stops will be set to all classes to be completed in each session after this time your host will call all drivers too come to a complete stop and he or she will will recover the race distances from each driver so a fully working headset is required at all times.
should you be racing in the following stint please leave as quickly as possible.


Sadly we all hate them but it happens so to be as fair as possible should you disconnect from your session you will be awarded the same distance as the last place car in your lobby (you class) minus one mile.

The TURN 2016 Code of Conduct is subject to change at any time for any reason.

Version 2.02

All TURN events are formed for enjoyable and civil online competitive racing by which all members must abide by the Code of Conduct in order to participate. The rules in the TURN Code of Conduct cover track and forum protocols, which should be held to at all times. If anyone is found to have disrespected any of these rules the TURN Admin and Race Stewards will take immediate action.

On Track Behaviour

Drive as safe and as fair as possible. Respect your peers on and off the track. Give one another sufficient racing room. Making contact with another competitor that results in that driver leaving the circuit may result in a Steward Investigation that can incur penalties.

Mic Behaviour

A Microphone must be used for racing in events at TURN. Members should never shout out vulgarities and obscenities towards other members. Only general race related conversation will be accepted during an event.
-There may be times when calling out a pass is not necessary, however, a collision caused by a lack of communication by the passer is subject to penalization by the stewards. It is the passer's responsibility to ensure that a clean pass is made.

Forum Behaviour

Poor behavior will not be tolerated on the forum. Absolutely no Spamming or trolling. Personal attacks including racism or sexist comments will not be tolerated. Pornography, violence, sexism, religion and politics are all very sensitive subjects and as such we would appreciate all of these topics to be avoided. Posting links to harmful or pirate websites prohibited. Links or advertising to either another race organizing site, or links to a support site for a series where drivers are required to use the satellite site to participate in the series are strictly against the spirit of building and promoting the growth of the TURN community. 

Lobby Lag-outs

If there is a lag-out in the parade lap or the first lap, the driver that lagged out is sent to the back of the grid, ahead of any drivers serving grid penalties. Only two attempts shall be made to get the driver back in the lobby, if there is a 3rd lag-out by the same driver then they shall miss the race and be classed as DNS.

Headlights and Night racing

During a night race if a driver damages BOTH headlights they shall be required to make a pit stop and repair their car. Not being able to be seen by competitors is a massive safety hazard.

Unnecessary Contact

Drivers should strive for a no-contact race. Good practice to avoid contact is as follows:
- If a driver brakes before you do, prepare to brake sooner than you normally do.
- When passing another member, leave enough room. Closing the gap may end in collision.
- When the race begins, be cautious and prepare to brake early, especially in Turn 1 because the group tends to bunch up.
- Be prepared to react by steering to the outside to avoid contact because of a missed braking point or during lockups.

Contact by discipline type

Formula-Style (Open Wheel): Drivers should strive to abstain from contact at all costs.
Touring-Style: Drivers should be advised that light contact may occur during race conditions.
GT/Enduro-Style: Drivers should try to avoid contact.

Unsafe Driving

Unsafe driving can lead to serious trouble and penalties here at TURN. We do not appreciate foolish driving that causes trouble to members and can ruin it for those involved.

Definitions of unsafe driving habits: 
- Swerving for no reason on the track.
- Brake checking members.
- Diving late to the inside of the track. (Dive-Bombing)
- Moving off and on the track more than needed.
- Driving with both headlights damaged in a night race.

Drafting/Bump Drafting

Drafting is a technique where two vehicles are aligned in a close group reducing the overall effect of drag due to exploiting the lead vehicle's slipstream. Bump drafting - a tactic that begins as normal drafting, but the following car pulls up behind the lead car and bumps into the rear of it, pushing the lead car ahead to maintain momentum, is not permitted, unless stated for a specific an event where bump drafting is allowed.


Overtaking should be made cleanly without contact. The car being overtaken should never put either car in harm's way. During Multi-class overtaking always remember that the slower cars should stick to their racing line, it is the faster cars job to find a safe route around the slower cars.Use your microphone to communicate any type of passing and lapping. When lapping a member politely relay to them before doing so. While being lapped allow them to pass you at a safe zone on the track. If a driver is found to prevent a member from lapping them, they will face consequences.


Blocking is not allowed, but defensive driving is allowed. If a driver moves off the racing line before the car behind attempts to overtake, this is defensive driving. If they move off the racing line after the car behind has started to move across to overtake, this is blocking. If a driver is driving defensively they may move off the line and back onto it only once per straight/section.

Cutting Corners 

Corner-cutting is simply not permitted. At times cuts are purely accidental, but members must try to get their lines clean as possible. Track Limits are defined as the primary white lines at the boundaries of the racing surface, as well as the dual- or tri-colored curbing at the apex and runoff areas of the corners. However, at some tracks the white lines are not the definite boundary, and shall be addressed in the specific race thread for each event.

We've deemed the rumble strips (primary curbs / kerbs) to be on track, with secondary curbs or pavement beyond the rumble strips to be considered off track. In instances where there are no rumble strips to define the edge, the white line will be the limit, with the line itself considered on track. If there is no curbing or white line to denote the edge of the racing surface, either the edge of the tarmac or the clean limits of the racing sim (Forza Motorsport 6 in this instance) will be the limit. There is also the possibility of further, track specific exceptions or clarifications if the statements above still leave room for question, or are not in line with the racing we'd like to see. (ex: Sebring turn 1, allowing cars to go all the way to the inside wall)

Driving Backwards, Wall Riding and Dirt Braking

Driving backwards, wall riding or dirt braking during any TURN event is not permitted. Being seen doing so will result in being penalized or an automatic ban from the event. DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT DOING SO!

Swapping Drivers

Unless it is stated within the rules of an event, using more than one driver under the same gamertag is not allowed. Any members found to be using different drivers under the same gamertag will be penalized or banned.

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