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ILoveFoza Introduction: Chris

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ILoveFoza Introduction: Chris

Post by Chris Froze VP Yesterday at 0:33

Hello all, my name's Chris but I prefer to be called by my online alias "Rizal".

First off, I wanna say that the 'VP' is my username stands for 'Videogame Photographer' (VGP didn't look attractive to me). I take photos in-game and crop them into usable profile pictures. I try to do as many games as I can, however I don't spend as much money on video games as I used to. My collection is nowhere near full enough, so I won't share my entire gallery. However, I will post a pic every now and there if you'd like.

I've been playing racing games my whole but recently became serious about ranking high on the leaderboards. I began on Forza 4 in 2013, and picked up as much knowledge as I could. My highest rank was 1.004 on Silverstone International. It's not good, I'd consider myself Pro-Am. I now have an xbox one and I am trying to get used to Forza 5, which will take a few months. The triggers are really sensitive now. I'm looking to race against/with people so that we may become better drivers together. Also, if any of you are experts at tuning, I'd really appreciate it if you could teach me how (I'm already somewhat average at it but gearing really confuses me).

I can't post an image otherwise I'd show you my first addition to my collection.

Chris Froze VP

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Re: ILoveFoza Introduction: Chris

Post by EZT MAKO 6669 Yesterday at 1:59

Welcome!!! Cool

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ok then Smile


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Re: ILoveFoza Introduction: Chris

Post by HCR Mystic Yesterday at 9:02

Welcome Chris. Ditch FM5 and get onto FM6. 6 plays a lot more like FM4 and has far more content to keep you busy.

HCR Mystic

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Re: ILoveFoza Introduction: Chris

Post by ATR DAN Yesterday at 13:55

Hello Chris & welcome to TORA Hello

If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to ask and we'll answer as soon as we can Smile

TORA Staff Team:



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Re: ILoveFoza Introduction: Chris

Post by henkymetcola Yesterday at 14:09

Hi Chris and welcome! Smile

With greetings from Thijs Visser (henkymetcola) Air Transat Racing Wink
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Re: ILoveFoza Introduction: Chris

Post by Sponsored content Today at 12:12

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