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In-Game Time of Day settings for this season

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In-Game Time of Day settings for this season

Post by desertrainfrog on Sun 4 Jun 2017 - 16:23

This season, the in-game's "Time of Day"-setting will be mostly oriented on the current local time of it's real world counterpart.

For example:
At the time we are about to start the Round 1 Endurance at Willow Springs (20:00 BST), the local time will be around 12 o'clock (noon) (GMT-7 + Daylight Saving). Therefore the in-game Time of Day for Willow Springs will be set to 12:00 (PM).
(Unless we somehow manage to delay the start till 21:00 BST due to unforeseen circumstances. Then the time would be adapted accordingly).

For Spec Cup Rounds featuring two races (One Sprint Race, One Main Race), the Main Race will take place at the current local time while the Sprint Race's time of day can be discussed with the participants in each round's race-thread (e.g. through a poll as known from last season's PCARS Spec Cup Rivals).

We will update the calendar and race-threads with that new info within the next few days.

Any feedback is always welcome Smile

Feel free to add the ribbon for second place in Teams of PCARS Spec Cup Season 4 *wink*


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