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TORA/CJWR 570 Challenge Round 1: Track Limits

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TORA/CJWR 570 Challenge Round 1: Track Limits

Post by F4H Diablo on Wed 28 Jun 2017 - 20:12


Forza did not do us any favors when it comes to enforcing track limits on certain tracks, with Daytona being no exception. To prevent "he said/she said" arguments as well as making it much easier for stewards to do their jobs, we are using the track limits previously specified during the 24 Hours of Daytona race run this past January. To sum them up quickly, all track limits follow the standard TORA rules (2 wheels on track, denoted by painted line) except for the Bus Stop chicane, which will be 2 tires on the kerbing on entry and exit.

These rules are pretty easy going, but on the other hand, violations of this rule are easy to spot, and will be penalized accordingly.

Turn 3: International Horseshoe:

This is legal!

This is not.

Entrance to the Bus Stop Chicane:

This is legal!

This is not.

Exit of Bus Stop Chicane:

This is legal!

This is not.

Any questions regarding this can be sent to me via PM. Thanks!

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