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PCARS SpecCup Season 5 - Due to lack of race entrants hereby ended prematurely

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PCARS SpecCup Season 5 - Due to lack of race entrants hereby ended prematurely

Post by desertrainfrog on Wed 9 Aug 2017 - 10:20

Due to no race signups for two weeks in a row we are going to end this season of the Project Cars Spec Cup earlier than originally planned.

It appears that we didn't do enough research before publishing the series. We chose a DLC car many of our "regulars" didn't have (what we obviously didn't know) and which is quite a nightmare drive for the controller drivers among us (at least with stock settings). So it's understandable that there were not that many people interested in it.
At the same time there were some big changes within our team - CRA - minimizing the amount of actually available organizers to two (Dragonsyoung and me). But the actual number was one or one and a half. Because I was mainly unavailable due to work-related duties leaving my team-mate a bit behind with the organization on his own, and I'm really sorry for that by the way :/.

Anyway, with the launch of Project Cars 2 just around the corner it's very unlikely that there will be another season in the original Project Cars. But don't worry, as soon as the new title has proven itself, the Project Cars Spec Cup will be back!

Until then we wish you all good luck in other series that you may participate in. And we hope to see you back on the track with us soon.

Cheers! Cheers
- The Team of the Clean Racers Association

Feel free to add the ribbon for second place in Teams of PCARS Spec Cup Season 4 *wink*


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Re: PCARS SpecCup Season 5 - Due to lack of race entrants hereby ended prematurely

Post by DOR stug77 on Wed 27 Sep 2017 - 18:50

Projectcars2 is really good with the controller so I may be interested in this if you run it again.
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