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TORA TCF TASCAR Season 7 - Car List and Livery Mandates

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TORA TCF TASCAR Season 7 - Car List and Livery Mandates

Post by JGROVES1996 on Thu 28 Dec 2017 - 22:54

To reiterate, Oval races will be run with no tuning or upgrades to the cars. For road course races, drivers may tune their cars, but they must remain at the stock build. Race brakes may not be added like they were last year.

Livery mandates:

All cars are required to feature the TORA TCR TASCAR logo (shown above) and the TORA Windscreen black banner. The Series logo should be placed around the area below the A-pillar, with the banners placed just above the front windscreen. Please see the pictures below for help with the exact placements of the logo as well as three images showing what each manufacturer's banner should look like:

TORA TCF TASCAR Series Logo is available on JGROVES1996 's sharefront. There are also two windscreen banner vinyls for the Chevrolet and the Ford should you require them. For the Toyota, it is possible to paint over the windscreen banner that is on the car by default, so just place a TORA logo there.

Excluding the mandatory logos, all other logos shown - such as the minor sponsors around the front wheel arch, the manufacturer badge on the windscreen banner and the rear windscreen banner featuring the driver name - are optional. We would love to see as many cars add these features if they can. Good sharefronts to find authentic NASCAR logos include SweedishThunder, bolts211743 and LMR DarthMario.

Additionally, NASCAR style numbers on the doors and roof would be greatly appreciated, but if you wanted to try a new style for the number, go ahead.

For the third round of the season at Homestead-Miami Speedway, we encourage drivers to run DeweyTee tribute decals.

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