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TASCAR Daytona 300 - an Apology

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TASCAR Daytona 300 - an Apology

Post by JGROVES1996 on Sat 10 Feb 2018 - 23:51

Well that was fun!

I would like to apologise greatly to those who were heavily frustrated following the conclusion of the Daytona 300. A hilariously awful glitch where the "force stock tuning and upgrades" setting led to cars being invisible after pit-stops threw a hideously ugly curveball into proceedings.

Thankfully, some lobbies were able to rectify the situation mid-race, but the issue was bought up in the week proceeding the race. However, with the busy schedules of the leading race hosts, myself very much included, we were unable to meet to discuss this until race night. At that time, us hosts largely agreed to persevere as a large number of us believed that the fix - downloading a stock setup from the sharefront to ensure no one had loaded a tune - wouldn't be able to be applied correctly in the limited time we had available.

Hindsight is very much a wonderful thing, but the decision we made was the wrong decision. Even if we had to delay the start by a short amount of time, that should have been the option we took. There are no excuses.

As soon as I finish typing this message I will be sourcing the relevant channel of which to communicate my frustrations to the game developers. Not wishing to excuse the awful decision I made, but the easily fixable glitches that remain in this title are bringing so many unnesscariy complications to hosting a championship and it cannot continue.

Rest assured, the remaining oval races of this season WILL NOT be affected by these issues again. Even if the glitch remains, we have several workaround options that will be implemented.

I understand the anger that some of you are feeling - especially whoever the person was in B lobby who apparently told a marshal that this error warranted for my beheading or words to that effect - but I hope that you can understand the many complications in the run-up to this event that frustrated me and ultimately led to my poor decision regarding this glitch.

I hope to see you all for a much less chaotic race at Road America in two weeks time.


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