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TORA IndyCar Series Season 5 Round 4 - Daytona Oval Night - September 29th

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TORA IndyCar Series Season 5 Round 4 - Daytona Oval Night - September 29th

Post by Radiation Louis on Sun 5 Aug 2018 - 15:30

September 29th Daytona Oval Night 60 Laps = 150 Miles

Quallifying- Qualifying will be 2 flying laps for drivers to post their fastest lap. On the cooldown lap drivers are to meet up on the outside of turn 1 for time recording. ONLY CLEAN LAPS WILL COUNT! Dirty laps will place drivers at the back of the field. Should there be more than 1 driver recording dirty laps they will be placed in order on lap time. Please see track description below on track limits that are allowed and are enforced.

Race - Will be grid in qualifying order and will race to the set distance for the race.

As pit stops will be happening this season, usage of the extra track leading into turn 1 that is the pit exit is prohibited from use! .

Track and race descriptions

-No cutting allowed in all turns.
-If you intend to enter the pits warn people that you will be doing so!
-Stay to the far Left until way is clear while exiting the pits.
-Damage model will be simulation.

Radiation Louis
Radiation Louis

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The superwreck on lap 25ish

Post by DARK l MATTER on Sun 30 Sep 2018 - 14:45

Just wondering if anybody near the front can tell me what my car was doing from their perspective? I toggled telemetry on and from my view my car jolted to the left.  Things got jittery and went to $h!t very fast and I was in the grass.  Silverstone was 30 feet behind me and I wonder if this is some sort of glitch caused by close proximity at high speed. It didn't feel like lag.

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