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Classic 24 Hours of Daytona - Livery & Decal Rules

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Classic 24 Hours of Daytona - Livery & Decal Rules

Post by Ax4x Big Ben on Sun 23 Dec 2018 - 14:07

For this year, we are letting the community have much more freedom with the liveries.  Cars must have the following:

  • Clearly visible numbers on the doors/front of the car.  The font is up to the designer of the livery. 
  • Class indicator boxes for each as shown below. These can be placed anywhere on the side of the car, minus the wing, in a clearly visible place. (Those who are seeking a pre-made vinyl, this can be found on the vinyl search under the Gamertag of BIGBEN0913.)

It is also requested (not required) that all cars have the TORA URL on the front bumper.  

Strictly no tobacco sponsorship, sponsorship or depictions of illicit drugs, or explicit/offensive designs.

Teams must use the same livery throughout the race.  All cars must not have any window tints on them.  If a team has already signed up with the sponsor that you were going to use, please select another sponsor. 

TORA reserves the right to penalize teams for misconduct of the above rules.
*Note: Rebadges of the Aston AMR1 as a Spice are encouraged*

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