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Cheap Car Challenge - Interest?

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Cheap Car Challenge - Interest?

Post by HoW Jones on Sun 5 Jul 2009 - 17:40

I'm thinking of doing a cheap car challenge like they do in Top Gear.

Rules: Buy and upgrade a car for under 10,000CR. You are allowed to buy cars from your home region to get a discount BUT state where it is and how much you bought your car for.

Ways to buy car:
Career Mode
Auction House only through Xbox Live (Not bought from anyone on friends list or this site)
Auction House brokered on FM.net (Not bought from anyone on friends list or this site)

To prevent everyone picking the same car people must buy their car in a different way from the people preceding them (ie if the first person chooses career mode, people must wait until every other option has been picked at least once before choosing career mode again.) No car can be picked twice.

Challenges to follow.

Anyone interested?

HoW Jones

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