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Anyone tried Live For Speed?

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Anyone tried Live For Speed?

Post by nickyf1 on Mon 28 Dec 2009 - 21:48

I downloaded the free version of this, its awsome! Some of the most realistic physics out there on the PC, and it WILL run on a typewriter! The free version gives you the FBMW (we all know what this is), XRG (FWD Hatchback type car) and FRG (RWD coupe type car) (or something like that). There are two levels of unlock, S1, which costs £12 and gives you access to more cars and tracks, and S2, which costs £24. All the tracks are fictional, but Rockingham is going to be released with the upcoming S3 liscence, and the model of Rockingham they have made looks very very very real! You can do online racing on the free version with the three circuits at Blackwood (GP, Rallycross, Car Park) and there are loads of servers running on the demo, I had some great racing on the ''Crash World League Rally'' servers and the ''LFS 4 the less talented'' servers Razz Which brings me swiftly to my idea... How abouts we create a TORA server? Get some fun racing some night? Its great fun, and can be enjoyed with a keyboard too if you put the keyboard help on (VERY recomended as the two road cars have 720 degrees of lock, which is not that easy with a keyboard).


Check it out for yourselves, if you are looking for a sim to try out for the first time, then try this! Loads of skins available on t'internet too.


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Re: Anyone tried Live For Speed?

Post by VVV Slim on Tue 29 Dec 2009 - 3:28

Ive been playing LFS since 2003, had some fun nights on it. I havn't really played it for a few months now but thats because there really isn't any point in racing without a wheel, you will get demolished by everyone. I used to use the keyboard but i now use the 360 pad... which isn't much better tbh.

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