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60 Minutes takes on Lamborghini, circa 1987

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60 Minutes takes on Lamborghini, circa 1987

Post by HCR generaltso on Sun 13 Mar 2011 - 2:28


that noise...on the downshifts...i'm just like

HCR generaltso

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Re: 60 Minutes takes on Lamborghini, circa 1987

Post by LMR DarthMario on Sun 13 Mar 2011 - 3:44

first Countach i saw was at a local car show here in town many years ago when i went with my uncle. he tried to enter his truck, but was 2yrs too young... saw some red-awesomeness of a car in the lot, walked up to the thing to read the name, but of course, at 8/9 yrs old, i thought it was pronounced 'Countak' (i know better now. Razz)

LMR DarthMario

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