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Lack of posting

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Re: Lack of posting

Post by XTI Avenger on Wed 16 Mar 2011 - 2:32

To be honest, I agree completely with what's been said already. I know my weekdays are iffy due to school, practice, etc so I haven't really been up for anything serious. Usually anything big on weekends is just out. Plus, I'm just extremely bored of Forza so that's been a big part of my absence from TORA-action. However, I'd still like to take part in little things here and there, like Slider's Demo Derby or any Black Ops events or stuff.

XTI Avenger

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Re: Lack of posting

Post by Radiation Louis on Wed 16 Mar 2011 - 4:22

DAN 2605 wrote:Just thinking about it, as well as trying to bring new people to TORA, I was thinking of trying to bring back some of the old members. I'm not going to force any of them so don't worry about that. Just looking at the members list, there are quite a few that we could try and get back. People such as Sam Billing1991, JustOZ71, iDuNnY, murcielagogama, racelegend MB1, silencer s6 etc etc. Hopefully, that'll increase our activity in the races and posts on the forum as well.......hopefully.

Been trying to get silencer back for some time now but even he wont listen to his karting teammate, but in fairness he's having some personal issues going on right now as well

Radiation Louis

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