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Team Project Revolution Official Thread!

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Team Project Revolution Official Thread!

Hello and welcome to th Official Tora site of Project Revolution!

I will be posting in here now to keep you guys posted on what were doing and where were doing it

Captain Handbag

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Team Project Revolution Official Thread! :: Comments

Post on Thu 14 Apr 2011 - 15:48 by Captain Handbag

Project Revolution has been pretty busy this week we have been tuning and painting a lot of cars (probably about 10 to 12) Anyway thought you might like to look at my new Competition Drift Car the BMW Z4 Coupe

The Car is still in its development stage at the moment. Its drifting fine but we still need to do the "tandem" test. Might have a short clip for you guys on what that test is Wink

The LMP1 Lola Cossie is still testing at Mugello but may not be able to compete. The car is suffering from a lot of understeer issues at the moment but is currently getting fixed up straight. The car has also some new "goodies" aswell as an "F-Duct" type airbox but also a couple of new stickers to make it easily identifiable which race it was taken at. For example Mugello stickers in the italian flag colours are situated on the engine cover and just above the front splitter.
Some more sponsors were added to with the help of Voltex suzuka carbon fiber and PIAA Lamps. Megaman was also added for a bit of power luck Wink

Ill try to update you every couple of days on whats been happening


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Post on Sat 16 Apr 2011 - 23:38 by Captain Handbag

Just a brief history and what we are at now:

A series of Revolutions
Forza is awash with drift and grip teams from the four corners of the world. Some concentrate on a type of car while others a mixture of vehicles. Project Revolution is just one of the teams that deal with various cars in various amounts of motorsport. Project Revolution is first and foremost a drift team, but they also deal with tuning set-ups, paint tunes and training racers and drifters alike. The team is notable for their project cars including the PR 350, a fully built competition 350z built by two of the members. Also they have a project car in the works that isn’t going to be unveiled to later this month but its sure to be a good one! Project Revolution or PR in short takes two things seriously, Skill and sheer fun. PR is not a battle team in drifting or neither a points team. It is a fully fledged show and stunt team using drifting as an exciting form of showing of the awesome cars it has built and raced over the years. PR developed after three friends teamed up to share a passion of drifting and racing together and formed the team. The team prides themselves with the skill of themselves and the cars they are using. Take Fxgallardo56 for example. His experience included GT championship racing and time attack racing, now he drifts and races fluidly with skill. The tools he uses to do this? A full RB26 race bred Nissan R34 Skyline balanced on perfection. The car develops 575HP at 8500RPM. This car is just Insane! The amount of angle and speed from this car scorches the rubber from the tyres in next to no time.The car is complete with a ABFlug front bumper and a Top Secret Rear bumper, spoiler and and skirts. The car is a trademark of this member and in turn destroys all.
Another car of this caliber is the Lexus ISF - PR spec of Digital Belief. This Lexus has its aggressive stock bodykit but thats not what this car shows off with. Its party piece of its 5.0l, quad exhaust, V8 engine Pounds the road with a nuclear force of seamless power. The engine produces 609HP and 461lb-ft of torque accelerating the car out of the corner in a smokey fireball of noise and flames. This car was built for show and competition that really makes it a special car.
PR does make quite a lot of special cars but what makes this team special is that it gives back to the community. This team is not selfish or not grumpy, it is a team of friendly racers and drifters that aim to please its audience and its fans alike.
Project revolution is a team to look out for and a team to represent the good out of the forza community.

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Post on Fri 29 Apr 2011 - 18:02 by Captain Handbag


Project Revolution has won another drift battle against Team NGK with Captain Handbag, Digital Belief and Graham C126 at the wheels of their cars respectively. more to come on this battle. . . . . . . . . . . .

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Post on Sun 1 May 2011 - 18:00 by Captain Handbag

The new PR GT2 BMW M3 GT2 Car:

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Post on Wed 11 May 2011 - 22:20 by Captain Handbag


Project Revolution will attend the summer GT championship! Team PR will have at least two drivers racing yet to be confimed

more on this to come

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Post on Wed 18 May 2011 - 23:27 by richyp

Hey sup Smile DiGiTaL BeLIeF here..... Smile

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Post on Wed 18 May 2011 - 23:42 by HCR generaltso

good luck

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