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Best Car/Tracks in the virtual world

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Best Car/Tracks in the virtual world

Post by nickyf1 on Wed 13 Apr 2011 - 14:53

We all have our favourite tracks and cars, so basically, I thought we should do something similar to SRT's ''Top Sim Cars'' on here, except with both cars and tracks! It can be from any console, any system, any racing game. Post 'em up here. Theres nothing like a bit of nostalgia, eh?

I'll get the ball rolling with a few.

Vauxhall Vectra - ToCA 2 (oh god the noise! Very Happy)
Jordan 199 - GP3 '98 Edition (all the cars in GP3 were the same shape, but the Jordan was cool)
Thundercar - GPL Thundercar mod (240mph at AVUS... all sorts of carnage)
Ferrari 312 V12 - GPL '69 mod (the noise!)
Lister Storm - Race Pro (just epic fun to drive)
Opel Commodore - Race Pro (ditto)
Sauber C9 - GT4 (Group C wonderfulness)

Mount Panorama - ToCA Race Driver 3 (Really accurate and fun to drive in the F1 cars)
Knockhill - ToCA 2 (what can I say? I'm biased!)
Bohemia - ToCA 2 (Secret track, really nice country roads)
Spa '67 - GPL (A classic, very fast, very tough, plenty of trees, walls and telegraph polls)
Birmingham - GPL (just great fun)
Nurburgring - GT4 (the best version I have personally played on)
Watkins Glen - GPL/NASCAR 06


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