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The Dangers of Car Hire

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The Dangers of Car Hire

Post by PLOW tubbi on Tue 5 Jul 2011 - 11:03

Be warned, when hiring a car they hide extra's in the paperwork to gain additional revenue.

a car was hired on my behalf when a lovely elderly lady kindly used the back of my car as her own personal airbag.

This car came nice and shiny and with a quarter of a tank of fuel, when the day to return it arrived the car was topped up, hoovered out and washed by our favourite slovakian freinds down the petrol station. the guy who came to collect it said its nice to pick up a car in such nice condition for a change, we signed, he left.

Then a receipt for £15.00 dropped on my matt saying the wrong amount of fuel was in the car when returned.

when I rang their office number the charge was because there was too much fuel in it when returned, are they joking Evil or Very Mad

Albany Assistance based in county Durham, shame on you, will never accept a car from you again, suggest everyone remembers the company name and the advice.

PLOW tubbi

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Re: The Dangers of Car Hire

Post by narboza22 on Tue 5 Jul 2011 - 11:28

lol, they weren't happy because you filled the tank for them? That's a new one. Hope you got your own car fixed and everything.


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