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Set up help.

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Set up help.

Post by JuniorJH on Fri 10 Feb 2012 - 14:53

Hi all.
I'm in need of some help with tuning my cars on Forza. I want to learn how the chassis works in detail. I don't want people to say this helps understeer that helps oversteer. When I say in detail I mean detail. I know what camber, caster, toe, springs, dampers and roll bars are. I know how they work. But I want to know how it affects a car on the track. I have sat and tried to logicly suss the weight transfer through a corner and what would affect what for hours, but not seen as good lap times as set ups ive purchased. I have raced karts for years and years at a good level so I know my understanding of what a vehicle is doing is sound and I could set a kart up no problem but karts don't have differential so it's all about flex through the chassis to get rear wheel lift.
I break a corner down into 5 parts, entry, cut zone, middle, acceleration zone, and exit and I know that a change to help corner entry will more than likely affect middle and exit and viceversa. I guess if I had the time I could try all the variables on Forza testing but I don't have. I know that camber has a lot of imprtance when it comes to mechanical grip but never really got a full grasp of it.
If anyone recomend a website or book I could get to help me learn this that would be great. I don't care even if it means hours of reading, I want to be a tuning god haha!
Cheers John.


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Re: Set up help.

Post by Guest on Fri 10 Feb 2012 - 17:01

There are some good books and one that I always hear mentioned but tbh in forza 4 its more about tuning to the game and its characteristics than learning real world tuning and applying that.

There are some great tuners on here that I'm sure will help you out specific to what to concentrate on for FM4


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