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Spring Set-Up (Question Aimed at Set-Up and Tuning Experts)

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Spring Set-Up (Question Aimed at Set-Up and Tuning Experts)

Post by Rico Banderez on Sat 24 Mar 2012 - 5:06

Hi all,

When setting spring tensions on a car, I have been setting them to evenly match the weight of the vehicle.

Now having seen some of the tuning calculators and manipulating them, they make an allowance of roughtly a 2% decrease i.e. If the factory weight of a car is 2000 Lbs, the spring tension totals (added together) would equal approximately 1960 Lbs.

My previous understanding of setting spring tensions is that you want to equally balance the load of the vehicle, taking into consideration the percentages of weight distribution.

However, is it generally advised to consider the added affect of the dampers (or the bump stiffness) when setting the spring tensions?

I understand what little adjustments can do to the handling of the car once you have a starting point but in terms is simply finding a starting point, what's considered best practise to accurately set spring tension?

Thanks all

Rico Banderez

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