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Post by stumster on Sun 17 Jun 2012 - 9:46

I'm not the Stig but i race hard, clean and enjoy a very deep passion for anything automotive. I drive a 2011 Ford Escape (Maverick) to you all over in Great Britain and the rest of europe. Its a 4cyl 2.0L manual and all wheel drive. No abs either and i love it. Basically a ford focus wagon with a minature explorer body on it haha :p. Anyway i'm 24. See you on the grid.


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Re: Stumster

Post by CQR Aero on Sun 17 Jun 2012 - 9:50

Hi Stumster, welcome to TORA! Any questions, just ask. Smile

CQR Aero

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Re: Stumster

Post by BG Beanz on Sun 17 Jun 2012 - 10:58

Welcome Stumster, hope you enjoy your stay here!

BG Beanz

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Re: Stumster

Post by Duke of Bruno on Sun 17 Jun 2012 - 18:51

Welcome to TORA stumster!

Duke of Bruno

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Re: Stumster

Post by Sponsored content Today at 17:41

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