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My old car is up for sale, ITR powered Civic

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My old car is up for sale, ITR powered Civic

Post by BG Beanz on Tue 26 Jun 2012 - 18:37

I had this car for a while, then after a blast on a bike i caught the bug. I sold the car to a good friend who's barely used it since, and bough another car as well as a bike. I enjoyed the bike but didn't use it enough to warrant the cost, so i ended up selling it after a year and spent the money on a holiday.

Now i really regret selling it in the first place, and don't have to money to buy it back let alone insure it. Anyway, here's some pictures of my going down the strip in it, and the for sale link, it's in virtually mint condition! It's a cracker!

JDM B18C EG Civic, 0-60 from Tom Hinds on Vimeo.

BG Beanz

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