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controller forza 4

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controller forza 4

Post by Adder 020 on Sun 22 Jul 2012 - 9:44

I am talking a lot.... Wink

A few days ago I was talking with tsa foot about the settings of the controller in forza 4.
Standard it is 24 and 90 with steering.
I don't the rest of the numbers because I can't put the xbox on right now....
Do you use the standard things or......?

Adder 020

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Re: controller forza 4

Post by CQR Cobblepop on Sun 22 Jul 2012 - 11:45

Deadzones can be quite useful if you can learn to manipulate them correctly.

My personal preference is to fully open up the deadzones (0-100) on the 3 key elements - Steering, acceleration and deceleration. you may find that if you set the steering axis at 0-100 that the car will become very sensitive to your initial input. I find that this is useful in the lower classes (especially FWD) but you may wish to return nearer to the default settings for any of the higher class cars as they're already very responsive to begin with.

There's no set pattern to what works for any one individual, it is very much down to personal preference. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth having a play to find out what suits you best.

Some people may disagree with me but in my experience I have found that altering the deadzones can improve your laptimes somewhat.

CQR Cobblepop

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