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Owning online muppets: stories please

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Owning online muppets: stories please

Post by Grovesy36 on Fri 15 Mar 2013 - 1:19

Thought I'd set this thread up see if anyone else enjoys a pastime I'm fond of:

Picture the scene:

Can't sleep so decide to go online and find a decent Forza Le Mans lobby (full grid no bots). One particular muppet decides to use the familiar tactic of repeatedly turning into the side of me in a straight line, so in a moment if genius I dab the brake, catch the rear corner of his car and send him flying!


The usual messages, "you suck" "yo momma" Etc etc

Few races pass, every time I'm near him he bashes me off or attempts to do so, in the end I lose my rag and spend one race spinning him off every time he reaches a corner! Tee hee

Kicked from lobby.

So to respond to more abusive messages, I invite him to a game, preceded by a message saying equal cars, force no tuning, no deliberate contact, see who the winner is, if he wins ill give him the unicorn supra I have.

He joins, Audi R15 TDI at Le Mans.

Finished lap one 27 seconds in front, he rage quits, more abuse!

Apparently I'd neglected to tell him that gears were manual, and no TCS, STM or ABS, a la TORA regs for the GT Series! When I ventured that it proved I was ten times the racer, he goes offline!

A fun night was had by me, even my Missus (whom I woke up as i was giggling) found it hilarious. Anyone else used TORA Regs to own the simple minded morons who roam Xbox live?



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Re: Owning online muppets: stories please

Post by nickyf1 on Sun 24 Mar 2013 - 12:08

One time a guy kept calling me a 'stupid yank' because I made slight contact with him in a race.

I messaged back with something along the lines of 'You chinese can't drive'. He kept messaging me back saying 'I'm not jap you yank f*ck'...

It bloody says 'UK' on my profile! Razz


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