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Where are you from?

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Where are you from?

Post by nickyf1 on Wed 20 Mar 2013 - 23:19

I thought this might be an interesting idea for a thread. Where are you from?

I'm from Glasgow, the UK's third largest city, and home to almost 40% of Scotland's population.

Famous for it's footballing rivalry between Celtic and Rangers, it's sandstone tenement housing, it's immense history of shipbuilding and other heavy industries (once the 'workshop' and 'second city' of the British Empire, producing a quarter of the worlds tonnage in ships), it's Subway (the third oldest in the world) and it's fantastic Victorian architecture.

Edinburgh may be the 'capital' of Scotland, but Scottishness is much more than thousands of shops selling tartan and shortbread and dead castles, and Glasgow has it in droves. It's a city that is making it's way back into the limelight after the dark years, and come 2014, we're hosting the Commonwealth Games, how about that, eh?


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Re: Where are you from?

Post by ShrinkingSteven on Wed 20 Mar 2013 - 23:29

I'm from Peterborough (UK) A small city filled with nothing of intrest.

Famous for?: Nothing

-Good points?: Nothing

-Bad points?: Too many to list

-Is it a nice place to live?: Nope

-Any nice places to see or do?: Nope.

-Is it near anywhere which has nice places to see or do?: Yeah, everywhere else.

Welcome to Peterborough.


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Re: Where are you from?

Post by XPR Roadrunner on Wed 20 Mar 2013 - 23:30


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Re: Where are you from?

Post by Sponsored content Today at 21:17

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