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Current iRacing promotions

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Current iRacing promotions Empty Current iRacing promotions

Post by Richy59 on Wed 15 Jun 2016 - 23:54

Just by chance, I was looking to get back into iRacing and was sure they had promotions in the summer, and lo and behold it's that time of year again and I got a message in my inbox.

Also worth noting iRacing is increasing the price on all memberships from the 1st of August 2016, I can't find an official post out side of a thread on reddit, I think it may have been a members message. I think they are putting the price up by around $1 a month, less than $1 for long term subscriptions and are also reducing the percentage of multi purchase deals.

The price increase will take place on or around August 1, 2016. We will simply increase our subscription rates by $1 per month for our monthly subscription and less than $1 per month on our three, twelve month and two year subscriptions.
We are going to reduce our six piece bulk purchase discount from a 20% to 15% discount. We are going to reduce our 25% 40 piece loyalty program from a 25% to a 20% discount.

Current promotions are:

40% Off All New Memberships!

25% off for all existing/returning members - offer ends 30th June 2016.

2-Year Renewal is now only $134.25 – use promo code PR-RENEW20162Y
1-Year Renewal is now only $74.25 – use promo code PR-RENEW201612M
3-Month Renewal is now only $22.50 – use promo code PR-RENEW20163M
1-Month Renewal is now only $9 – use promo code PR-RENEW20161M

Older new membership codes:

3 months for $5 for new members (exp. ?): PR-RENAULT
3 months for $5 for new members (exp. ?): PR-V8SCOPS
3 months plus Kia for $12 for new members (exp. ?): PR-BSRTC

Not sure if any of the above still work, but good way of getting 3 months for new players if they are still active.

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Current iRacing promotions Empty Re: Current iRacing promotions

Post by Ax4x Chaddy on Wed 15 Jun 2016 - 23:56

Thanks Richy

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