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Post by Ax4x Chaddy on Sun 16 Oct 2016 - 0:18

I will be stepping down as the head of TORA iRacing with immediate effect.

I have really enjoined hosting championships over the last 2 years and to race you all on track. The TORA iRacing GT championship didn't go quite as I would have liked it to. I was very happy with the 'numbers' we had before a wheel had even turned and created quite alot of excitement (from my view anyway). Its very disappointing that we only broke double digit attendance once all season and even a change to free tracks didn't improve things. I could of tired harder with the promotion but when you get 15 entries like that its hard to not think 'this is looking good'

Hopeful me stepping down wont be the end of IRacing on TORA, its a fantastic platform and alot of fun.

Thank you to you all for signing up to the championships.

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