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Porsche in iRacing

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Porsche in iRacing Empty Porsche in iRacing

Post by CQR The Butcher on Fri 21 Apr 2017 - 17:50

Hi there  Hello  its been a little while since I last posted on here so hello! Mainly pop back to read what's going on in the world of TORA. I haven't been particularly active for a while due to migrating to iRacing a few years ago and that kinda signaled the end of my Forza racing days much to Tubbi's disappointment lol.

I know from previous experience that TORA is predominently console based, however I have visited from time to time to see whether you guys have started to run any iRacing specific championships but see this hasn't quite taken off.

From reading some of your topics about finding reliable fun well run races - I just wanted to make all that have or are considering iRacing aware of a series that I race in and help administer through British Sim Racers. (BSR are one of the largest communities for iRacing) We are looking at growing the Porsche participation (there are other series if the Porsche isn't your cup of tea). There are 2 races every Thursday which support the BSRTC touring car series. All races are broadcast on APEX racing TV on YouTube.

Facebook links:

British Sim Racers

BSR Porsche

If that is something of interest it would be great to see you on track. It would be awesome to see a TORA team(s) out on the service racing with some other traditional Forza teams that have moved over! The community provides lots of help both in terms of getting set up as well as race setups/paints etc.

Series trailer:

One of the recent broadcasts:

Matt/Admins - I hope what I have posted is ok and im not treading on any toes - perhaps there's an opportunity to partner up in the future to provide options to those who want to run on different systems.

Happy to answer any questions  Surprised

Thanks for reading

CQR The Butcher
CQR The Butcher

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