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NAFFCAR Race Info Empty NAFFCAR Race Info

Post by Ax4x Mikey J on Mon 4 Jun 2018 - 19:47

Date July 4, 2018
Time 8PM BST, 3PM EDT, 12N PDT

Circuit Lime Rock Park Full Circuit (no chicanes)

Race Length 240 Laps Total, Four Stints of 60 Laps each

Stint Times
Stint 1 8P B/3P E/12N P
Stint 2 9P B/4P E/1P P
Stint 3 10P B/5P E/2P P
Stint 4 11P B/6P E/3P P

Times of each Stint will be tabulated, and final positions will be based off the sum of each Stint.
Any Stint DNF will be scored as 5 minutes added to the last place finisher in that Stint.
Any Stint DNS will be scored as 10 minutes added to the last place finisher in that Stint.

Grids of All Stints will be set to Random

All Lobbies will be based off Random Draw

Each Entry can have ONE to FOUR Drivers.
This allows for one to run all four stints, two or three to split stints, or a different driver in each stint.

Car Choice Cap
There is a cap of ONE-PER each car on the list. Once a car is chosen, nobody else can choose that car. All cars will be awarded on a fist-come first-served basis. Be sure to select alternate car choices just in case someone beats you to the car you select.

NAFFCAR Race Info Hb9233n
NAFFCAR Race Info Ax4x1010

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