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That New Kid

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That New Kid Empty That New Kid

Post by KoenigseggRS Sun 17 Jan 2021 - 5:27

Gamertag - KoenigseggRS
Age - 16.
Country - Canada
Experience - Sim= Casual Forza player, with some PC2 along the way..
Interests - Piano, Cars.
Expectations - A great community!
How did you hear about TORA? - Did you find us via, another club, Facebook or simply by searching? Twitter, with the TORA 24H Daytona.


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That New Kid Empty Re: That New Kid

Post by EZT MAKO 6669 Sun 17 Jan 2021 - 13:38

Welcome!! Cool

That New Kid Y4AOm8B

That New Kid Y4movPdIlYxvVboZf8g041PCZfF5YuW2Z9nt8ICgoFosZInf4wyO2gspu6tP18cB9E8t-2yOsFPNGkOCk_8qyidyYR0ZLrsIfcBx__TQXuvskFfKHVi_If9EjyY2DkuSzDtMiehy9fURm60uWboMdNetJNLCClH3ixM0_dciwgGiLz6Uev8fTipBuZNVqdIYp_9g5PUBHMB4kXfjQXzxhRcdg?width=280&height=45&cropmode=none
EZT Motorsport: P r i d e | H o n o r | I n t e g r i t y - Not just a team, but a way of life![/url]

----------> insert ribbons here

ok then That New Kid MMW7lPFThat New Kid Ugzq3mEThat New Kid SyP3J7VThat New Kid ThRRsUxThat New Kid UDO8mUuThat New Kid DG54pTI Smile

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That New Kid Empty Re: That New Kid

Post by Koenigsegg R Sun 17 Jan 2021 - 22:13

This is not confusing at all. I’m the original.


That New Kid HiRFIVRThat New Kid F0Ubl2sThat New Kid Cs7jRnKThat New Kid R2kIRBg
Koenigsegg R
Koenigsegg R

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That New Kid Empty Re: That New Kid

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