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Post by Mrbrown33 on Thu 4 Jul 2013 - 10:03

Hello all, thought I would let you know that the new MOTOGP 13 is well worth a look at, if your into your bike racing? At first I was a bit put off with the graphics, but after giving it ago I found that you don't really look at them when your doing 180+ mph. One of the best things with this game is the handling of the bikes, not too easy and not to hard to use. Also the bikes reactions on the bike look great too. The career mode is well worth playing, as you get to use the moto2 and 3's what help you understand how to use the bikes. The down fall is that it is quite easy to be knocked off your bike and the AI in your career are not forgiving. This game is set out pretty much the same as the F1 games. Also your able to set up your own GP what would be great to see at TORA if it gained enought interest?

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Post by CRA Project182R on Tue 9 Jul 2013 - 10:24

I played this on Saturday morning at mates house whilst waiting for something, to be honest I thought it was very much like it's predecessor's Crying or Very sad 

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Post by jgroves1996 on Tue 9 Jul 2013 - 10:46

I have MotoGP '08. I haven't played any other MotoGP game other than the demo for MotoGp '13.

I can only assume that in the games inbetween they added one minor feature per game, as the '13 demo is pretty much the '08 game with new riders/drivers, a pit garage scene, new tracks and a funny animation when a rider nearly falls off.

Now you always expect new riders/drivers and tracks from a game like this, so you can't really call them new features. That means that the only two noticeable new features are a pit garage and a funny fall off animation. Not exactly massive development. The riding physics is exactly the same and that's what matters in a riding game.

I'd have to say that the only reason I'd want to get this game is to ride the Circuit of the America's, and perhaps to take out Marc Marquez!


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