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Here is How to Get The Microsoft wheel to Work Old Force feedback Wheel

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Here is How to Get The Microsoft wheel to Work Old Force feedback Wheel

Post by NASCARS007 on Tue 25 Feb 2014 - 5:59

you do not need the driver disc!!! there are olny two games that i know of that did not come with support for the wheel that now have it.

and there are ways to get the wheel supported for these two games without the pgr 3 driver disc.this disc olny works for pgr3 and no other game.

the drivers come on the game if it is supported just look on the back of the case it will have a wheel symbol on it if it supports the wheel.

the games are .

(1) pgr 3 you can get the driver from xbox live for this game just put the game in and hook up the wheel you will get the update!!!!!!

(2) test drive unlimited with this game you need to go to the xbox live marketplace and buy the driver from there it is olny $2.00 or $3.00

all other games either do not support the wheel or have the drivers on them!!!!!

i hope this helps every one out there with there search for the driver disc that seems so coveted


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