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fair well on forza 4

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fair well on forza 4

Post by jonnotheone on Sun 14 Sep 2014 - 17:33

Well as silvo 12 hours has ended and tcc is drawing to a close I thought id take this opportunity to announce I will be retiring from foza 4 at the end of tcc this will not be the end for me as I will be back on fm5/horizon 2 etc only when I get a xbone mind you I know my time here has been short and most of you have no idea who I am lol but to those who do its been an absolute pleasure to have raced alongside you all..this is jonnotheone bidding you all a good day and great racing..see you on fm5 soon.

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Re: fair well on forza 4

Post by xJohnGalt117x on Sun 14 Sep 2014 - 17:43

Nice racing with you on 360, Jonno. Now hurry up and get an XB1! Cheers

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Re: fair well on forza 4

Post by Joito04 on Sun 14 Sep 2014 - 19:36

See you soon Cheers

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Re: fair well on forza 4

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