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American Iron US Rd 3 Sign IN

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Re: American Iron US Rd 3 Sign IN

Post by F4H Diablo on Fri 26 Feb 2016 - 0:11

I'm racing tonight, but something to explain first-

I will be racing under Chrisupra's gamertag tonight (F4H Chrisupra). I home share with Chris and the newest XBL update has reset these settings. Chris is out of town on business and he's the one that bought Forza between us, meaning that I don't have any access until he's back online. Anyway, he gave me his login information so that I could race tonight.

I spoke with Mikey J about this and he said it was okay, considering I don't have an Irish accent XD

So when you see Chrisupra in lobby tonight, it'll be me (Diablo).

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F4H Diablo

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Re: American Iron US Rd 3 Sign IN

Post by TUS Turismo on Fri 26 Feb 2016 - 0:26

TUS Turismo

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Re: American Iron US Rd 3 Sign IN

Post by Flyin Mikey J on Fri 26 Feb 2016 - 1:01

Updated and closed.


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Re: American Iron US Rd 3 Sign IN

Post by Sponsored content

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