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Hello all

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Hello all

Post by ID LOWLIFE on Mon 11 Jun 2012 - 7:21

Location: Laughlin NV USA
Age: 37

About me: I am the owner of [ID] Intensify-D Drift est. 2007. Drifting is a passion, but I also enjoy racing, especially endurance type racing. I have run 3 seasons of our replication of the SCCA Playboy Miata Cup, which is a lot of fun, and have completed the 50 laps of Nurburgring twice. I am currently a painter for GEARBOX Tuning.

Fa11enXV is a new member to our drift team and recommended I check out the site, which looks well organized. Be excited to join some TORA Events.


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Re: Hello all

Post by Duke of Bruno on Mon 11 Jun 2012 - 14:52

Welcome to the wonderful world of TORA LOWLIFE!

I myself have done the 50 laps of Nurburgring once. But, that was about a year ago now, in FM3. I have yet to attempt the 50 laps round the ring in FM4.

Duke of Bruno

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Re: Hello all

Post by LMR Minardi on Mon 11 Jun 2012 - 15:49

Ahh yes the famous ID drift team Very Happy Back in FM3 I was more into drifting and I remember a lot about your team! Welcome to TORA man, and maybe sometime you can teach me how to drift like a boss again Razz

LMR Minardi

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Re: Hello all

Post by Sponsored content Today at 10:08

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